Sel. TK1 NORD JW-09 JWW-10 Rave On Céline Fauve AR "Cessie"
Född/Born 2009-01-16
HD/Hips:B/B  ED:0/0    Genetically free from RPE 65
Approved BH test
Bor hos Noora Kosonen, Kennel Tosselin i Finland

Puppy Shows: BIR/BOB, HP, BIG-2
Adult: Nord JW-09,JWW-10, Qualified for Crufts, EXC1, 2x EXC2 VG1
Selected in Sweden
Obedience class 1: 3 x 1st prize= LP1

Obedience training spring 2012

Video clip obedience and agility 2012
Training pic's - summer 2010
More pic's of Celine - October 2009
A short video clip of Celine learning basics of some little tricks with food, just for fun
And a short video clip of her first puppy tracks

Celine's website at her home - lots of pictures of her..

Celine to the right 11 years old - jan 2020 12 years old - jan 2021    
Finsk Briardspecial 2021 Hon gjorde det så bra - äldst i ringen, 12,5 år gammal Med hedersomnämnande för sin fina kondition och sina muskler   Onnea!
13 years old - jan 2021       October 2022